What is Credit Co-Operative Society

The Credit Co-Operative Society is not a personal institution owned by an individual but is a fully democratic organization managed by the ‘Board of Directors’ who are elected by the members of the society in the Annual General Meeting and the Board of Directors take decisions unanimously with total transparency.

Monthly Income Plan

(For 72 Months) Fixed Deposit Scheme

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Sarthak Dauble Scheme

(For 75 Months) Fixed Deposit Scheme

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Sarthak Bachat Patra Sarthak Triple Scheme:-

Sarthak Triple Scheme

(For 120 Months) Fixed Deposit Scheme

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Code of Conduct

Every officer shall maintain good conduct, discipline, punctuality and show courtesy and attention to all persons....

Fixed Deposit Plan

SFD 15 (For 15 Months) Fixed Deposit Scheme, SFD 36 (For 36 Months) Fixed Deposit Scheme

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